Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bulls Eye Acrylic 5 x 7 Original Acrylic Antique Truck Landscape


This week I will be donating the proceeds of any of my daily painting sales to the Red Cross for the Haitian People. Using my talent and your generosity to make conditions better in Haiti is a fantastic collaboration. Hopefully, adding one of my daily paintings to your art collection will bring joy to you and the people of Haiti.

Sold Two more today. Thank you collectors! So the Haiti fund is up to $800.00. This is so exciting!

When I first started painting urban scenes I didn't like painting cars or trucks. Boy, have times changed. I get a big kick out of it now. I don't pretend to know the make and models of what I'm painting but I'm attracted to their personality on the canvas. This truck was in a field in Boulder Colorado nestled in the tall grass and lilac bushes. Time has taken its toll on its facade and its been used for target practice a few times but, none the less what a fantastic subject!

John K. Harrell Fine Art

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