Thursday, December 11, 2008

Personal Journey Acrylic 7 x 5


As I was painting this little church I couldn't help wondering how many people have
walked this path on their way to church pondering their own personal journey in life.

John K. Harrell Fine Art

Daily Impressionist Painters

I Have been tagged by a couple of my fellow daily painters, Mark Adams and Mike Rooney. I have been amiss and not playing the game as quickly as I would like. I have been busily painting for my one man show in Scottsdale Arizona at the Bonner David Galleries which opens on December 18, 2008. Mark and Mike, I admire both of you as artists and the dedication you have to the daily painting movement. So thank you for the tagging and here's to getting to know more about all of my fellow painters !

1. I am a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Colorado.

2. My middle name is Kerry which only my family uses. My mother was watching a Cary Grant movie the night I was born. Still haven't figured out why she chose this particular spelling though.

3. I graduated from the Culinary Institute in Denver with a specialty in Bakery. I particularly enjoyed the whole process of decorating cakes.

4. I have a bad boy side who secretly enjoys wearing leather and smoking an occasional cigar.

5. My favorite movie/series is "Ann of Green Gables".

6. My favorite book is the Chronicles of Narnia.

7. If I couldn't be an Artist, and I could magically become something else it would be a famous Singer because I have absolutely no musical talent but very much enjoy and respect those who do.

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